Friday, February 27, 2009

Ahaks..Salam perjuangan..after a long time i wrote nothing, now let me story tu u all about my latest project ---> FINAS '09..FINAS '09 was a short form of festival nasyid 2009..was organized by JKP Balai Islam 12th college..and the director --->myself..hehehe..ok, let view some pics during the programme.. u can see fig above was a performance stage..10 groups were competed, n only one was the winner..wanna know who was the winner??read til the end..hehe..

proceed 2 next picture..

that's it..!haha..VVIP were placed in VIP room before entering hall..ok now see clearly the person in brown baju melayu (most left)'s me..hehe..

don't believe??



p/s : to syirah,aku saje je letak gmbr ni utk ditunjukkan khas wat ko..
hehe..ops forgot to mention..the invited artist was Rabbani..also invited was Ustaz Nik Azizan n Abg Pian (Saujana)..

Fig above shown one group of competetor..all groups done very well..congrats..!

There were my friends supported n came to was some of them..farid n yangkang..yangkang is the only one tele's student most admired..hehe..

from left (liza,miji,pika,tati, n yana) also gave full of spirits on FINAS..thanx to them..

yeah..imran was control his macho..wit his scandal,yana..pika sebok je..hehe..

2 girls at the middle..farah n trex..thanx also for coming to FINAS..another 2 girls from the right,i dunno their name..thanx as well..(pika is sebok again..haha)

ok..that's all for now..any update will be post later..thanx for read..anyway,group from 12th college was winning the 1st place in the competition..that's my college la..hehee..ok salam..

*do drop a comment.. :)


liezaLer said...

tomelnye aku...hahaha..
miji muke skema...hahaha..

psst: miji,mnta mf... :D

athirah said...

pami... mane aci ak xde...
x aci.. sob sob sob

Fara NaQ said...

ak pown!!!!!!!!!!!
mane ak??!!!
ak snggup dtg dari AMPANG semata2 nak sapot ko nyer projek tau..
ngan traffic jem n hujan lebat nyer..
x nak kwan ko pamie!!!..wuaaaaa

PaMi said...

parah n trex..aku dh letak gmbr korng..hehehe..2 pn aku grab from parah's blog..coz dlm camera aku mmg xde gmbr korng..jgn salahkn aku,salahkn yangkang sbb die pegang camera aku..haha

Fara NaQ said...

terbaek laaa pamie!!!..
yeahhh...kem salam kat sakinah!

Anonymous said...

kuang hasam ko pami...ko ckp ak sebok...ini sudah boleh m'dtg kn kemarahan...ak bg karenz ko kang..


cik kiah said...

wey.asal muka aku takdak?

PaMi said...

haha..pika sengal..mmg ko sebok pn..asal amek gmbr je,muke ko ade..hehehe..cik kiah plak,aku ajak bkn nk dtg..cis.. :p

AreDa said...

aku pg gk FINAS..overall aku rasa bgos la...sgt berbaloi la ngn hrga tiket die yg RM2 rite?
hmm...tak boring...pengacara majlis pon tak boring..wat lawak jer...bleh dpt projek terbaik kot..hehehe